8 Dumb Headlines

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8 dumb headlines!
Can you figure out what they are trying to say?

1. Subway Finds Dirtier Subways After Cleaning Jobs Were Cut -New York times

2. Study Finds Sex, Pregnancy Link -Cornell Daily Sun

3. Low Wages Said Key To Poverty -Newsday

4. Malls Try To Atract Shoppers- Baltimore Sun

5. Official: Only Rain Will Cure Drought -Westport Herald News

6. Teenage Girls Often Have Babies Fathered By Men- Oregonian

7. Man Shoots Neighbor With Machete

8. Free Advice: Bundle Up When Out In The Cold -Lexington Herald-Leader

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Posted by Misty Oct 17, 2005

hehehe I tried....

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Posted by sniperkid990 Oct 20, 2005

there are only 8 at the top it says 18 o well good one

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Posted by Misty Oct 30, 2005

whew...jiffy corected it...THaNKS!!

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Posted by breakagex Aug 01, 2007

haha I love #7.

Comment score: -1  

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