Johnny Appleseed

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Little Johnny asks his teacher: "How are the babies made?"

Teacher, not wanting to take the responsibility of explaining such a sensitive subject, suggests that he go home and ask his parents.

When he gets home, Johnny approaches his father with the same question. His father replies, "Oh! that is a long story, you better speak to mother!"

The mother, in her turn, says: "Oh! It is a difficult question, why don't you better speak to granddad!"

Grandfather is sitting on a bench in the garden and eating an apple just when Johnny comes up with the same question. And so he tries to explain: "You see, the apple has little seeds; when they are planted, an apple-tree will grow after a while; and then it will bring new apples. So people also..."

But Johnny has heard enough. He takes a few apples, carefully cuts them to collect the seeds, and puts the seeds into his pants pocket.

The next day at school, Johnny is eager to show off what he's learned, so he approaches his teacher and says, "Now I can explain. But first let me start by showing you what I've got in my pants..."

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Posted by juggleboy502 Sep 08, 2005

awesome joke!

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Posted by funnydude Sep 08, 2005

lol: YES IT WAS!!! lol:

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Posted by morenike Oct 17, 2005


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Posted by schatzy228 Dec 18, 2005

hes got a pocket full of miracles

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Posted by ntsoaky Aug 09, 2006

i just love ur jokes.

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