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If you put a slinky on an escalator, would it go forever?

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Posted by zemoxian Sep 19, 2005

I thought that was pretty cute.

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Posted by prettygirl Nov 26, 2005

i dont get it

Comment score: 4  

Posted by EnderofGames Mar 20, 2006

Have you ever seen a slinky go down the stairs? Now think of it this way: its on a escalator. The escalator is going up. Every time it goes down a step, it gets pushed just as far. Does it make sense now? And this is pretty much as good as jokes get. I'm sorry if you are unable to, sailor and buttons, but some jokes do require thinking.

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Posted by celanba Mar 21, 2006

That's cute! At first I misread it and I thought it said 'elevator' so I was like 'huh?'

Comment score: 2  

Posted by orange_syrup May 26, 2006

if you guys don't like my jokes stop reading them

Comment score: 3  

Posted by teen_wiz Jun 10, 2006

That's a good question....

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Posted by oksana Jun 16, 2006

i really dont know...

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Posted by Sassy_101 Jul 04, 2006

I never thought of that before

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Posted by flamehead Nov 09, 2006

I am soooooo gonna try that next time I go to the mall!!

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Posted by Battery Apr 08, 2007

it wouldnt go forever

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Posted by Frindledon3 Feb 25, 2010

It would take PERFECT timing to even get it going in the first place without it getting messed up, PLUS after a few minutes it would probably get messed up anyway

Comment score: -1  

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