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A schoolteacher wanted to show her students how dangerous drinking alcohol could be. She brought a jar of alcohol and an earthworm to class one day to demonstrate its effects. She dropped the worm into the alcohol and it died instantly. She then asked her students what this proved.
One student raised his hand and said, "If you drink a lot of alcohol, you won't get worms."

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Posted by hilow8p Sep 04, 2005

i liked it

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Posted by shimmermaid Sep 04, 2005

I liked it...but ashley, don't get crude or vulgar!

Comment score: 1  

Posted by lilaggiecheer Sep 27, 2005

i really liked it!

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Posted by pebbles9608 Oct 23, 2005

I thought it was funny. when your a drinker you know

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Posted by Matttoy Oct 23, 2005

Awesome joke. It was so funny that my parents laughed!

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Posted by sk8ter7 Oct 23, 2005

good one i kinda didn't get it......

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Posted by celanba Feb 22, 2006

Actually, the kind of worms that are parasites aren't earthworms. Good joke, though!

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