When I Die...

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When I die I want to go peacefully - like my grandfather did - in his sleep.

Not screaming like the passengers in his car.

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Posted by juggleboy502 Jul 25, 2005

now you've gotta admit thats pretty funny! hilarious!

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Posted by ashleyrena143 Jul 25, 2005


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Posted by Dawn830w Jul 30, 2005

I think that I have heard this one before, but that didn't stop me from LOL. Thanks for the laugh.

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Posted by shimmermaid Aug 04, 2005


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Posted by seandidy Oct 17, 2005

Sailor , your messed-up.+chill+

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Posted by funnydude Nov 11, 2005

hey sailor get a life. (just some advice)

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Posted by schatzy228 Dec 08, 2005

VERY FUNNY goes into my favs

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