Go Barefoot

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I found this joke someplace:

In middle school, I was always self-conscious about my height. Once I was asked out by a life-guard. I had never really stood next to him and didn't know how tall he was, so the night of the date I took out two pairs of shoes-one with heels, one flat. I arranged with my brother to answer the door, compare his height with my date's and run upstairs to let me know which shoes to wear. When doorbell rang I waited. Then my brother showed up and told me what I didn't want to hear: "Go barefoot."

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Posted by pebbles9608 Oct 23, 2005

i don't get it

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Posted by karusho-san Nov 24, 2005

shes too tall so she goes barefoot to be short enough.

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Posted by scouttrooper Nov 26, 2005

Ouch. That sucks.

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