Blonde Stewardess

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An airline captain was breaking in a very pretty new blonde stewardess. The route they were flying had a stay-over in another city, so upon their arrival, the captain showed the stewardess the best place for airline personnel to eat, shop and stay overnight.

The next morning as the pilot was preparing the crew for the day's route, he noticed the new stewardess was missing. He knew which room she was in at the hotel and called her up wondering what happened to her. She answered the phone, sobbing, and said she couldn't get out of her room.

"You can't get out of your room?" the captaind asked, "Why not?"

The stewardess replied, "There are only three doors in here," she cried, "one is the bathroom, one is the closet, and one has a sign on it that says "Do Not Disturb"!!

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Posted by Pop_Qla Jun 07, 2005

He he he! So like a blonde!

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Posted by sailor4370 Sep 05, 2005

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Posted by dawen Oct 04, 2005

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Posted by honey_11 Jan 04, 2006

hmm sounds sorta like me! nah im not that dumb!

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Posted by dulinski102 Jan 06, 2006

you have to say blondes are stupid. Just pull the damn thing off!

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