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The dean of a women's college, addressing her charges, concluded, "...and remember, young ladies, you represent not only your own honor but that of the school. When approached by young men, ask yourself: Is an hour's pleasure worth a lifetime of disgrace? Now, are there any questions?"

A young lady immediately raised her hand and said, "Tell me, how do you make it last an hour?"

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Posted by swarf Oct 18, 2004

pretty goood joke, keep em coming!

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Posted by GarrettPorter Feb 24, 2005

HA HA HA HA HA that one is great.

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Posted by prettypinkbabygr Apr 17, 2005

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Posted by schatzy228 Feb 05, 2006

doesn't it always?

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Posted by beaver Feb 27, 2006

i think so schatzy it always should

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