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A blonde kept having the same weird dream everyday, so she went to her doctor.

Doctor: What was your dream about?
Blonde: I was being chase by a vampire!

Doctor: (giggles quitely) So... what was the scenery like?
Blonde: I was running in a hall way.

Doctor: Then what happened?

Blonde: Well that's the weird thing. In every single dream, the same thing happened. I always came to this door, but I couldn't open it. I kept pushing the door and pushing the door, but it wouldn't budge!

Doctor: Did the door have any letters on it?
Blonde: Yes it did.

Doctor: And what did these letter spell?
Blonde: It said "Pull"

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Posted by Drunky Dec 24, 2004

Yeah I kind of wondering where you were aiming

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Posted by rocklover5592 May 25, 2005

haha..i've told this joke to alot of my family members and they all crack up about it...great job

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Posted by shimmermaid Dec 29, 2005

You realize how many times we've all done that?

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