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As part of his plan to let the Yanks know that he is not only still alive but ready to kick ass, Saddam sent a letter to George W Bush. The letter was immediately recognised as from the former dictator of Iraq and was detoxified and checked for explosives before being opened. In it was a single sheet of paper with the characters:-
370HSSV 0773H
The president couldn't work out what this meant, so he had an aide type a copy and sent it to that very smart man, Donald Rumsfeld. The Secretary of Defence and his aides studied it for a week, using the most powerful code cracking computers the NSA could come up with, and were still stumped .They sent it to Langley, where the CIA similarly had no luck. The FBI did no better. In desperation they even tried the British - no joy there - and MIT. Nobody could make any sense of the message.
Eventually, they called in the Mossad, Israel's secret service. They looked at it for a few seconds and e-mailed back to Washington, "Tell the President he's holding the paper upside down."

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Posted by einat17 Sep 20, 2003

That's so funny!

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Posted by juggleboy502 Jun 24, 2005

HA!!!!! lol, great joke!!!

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Posted by Shastaki Aug 29, 2006

HAHAHA!!!! Straight to my faves!!!

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Posted by cookie7878 Dec 13, 2007

LOL! It took me a minute to read what the code said, but when I finally got it, I literally laughed out loud!!!

Comment score: 3  

Posted by luna103 May 09, 2011

i had to turn my head upside down to read it!! took me a little while didnt it?

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