Three Canadians...

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Ok, 3 canadians were walking along the beach, one from the Yukon, one from Quebec, and one from Newfoundland. Now, it happened that they found a magic lamp. After rubbing it, the genie promised each of them one wish. The Yukon said, "I wish for fish teeming in our waters for a million years." The genie snapped his fingers and said, "Done."
The Yukon man went off to go fish. Now the Quebec man said, "Being as the Quebecois's (is that right?) are a superior race, I want a wall a mile high and a mile thick all the way around Quebec so no one can get in, and no one can get out.
So the genie snapped his fingers, and transported the Quebecois to Quebec so there were no problems.
The Newfie stepped up and said, "Ok, it's a mile high and a mile thick, and no one can get in or out right?"
"Correct." said the genie.
"Fill it with water."

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Posted by Gizzer Mar 18, 2003

"Quebecian" is NOT right. The proper francophone term is Quebecois, which is pronounced ke-beck-kwa. Someone from Newfoundland is called either a Newfoundlander or a Newfie. And someone from the Yukon is called "cold". Ha Ha

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Posted by newf Jun 03, 2003

LOL-I gotta say I like that one.

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Posted by JazzFanatic Nov 15, 2005


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Posted by mgc710 Apr 11, 2006

So they wuld drown.

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