May I borrow the car?

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A son walks into the living room and asks his dad to borrow the car because he has a hot date. The dad says, ''Sure, as soon as you cut your long hair.''
The boy smiles and thinking he has outsmarted his dad replies, ''Dad, Jesus had long hair...''

And the dad replied, ''Yeah, and Jesus walked everywhere he went too, didn''t he?''

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Posted by juggleboy502 Jul 18, 2005

that was a good one, alex!!! i laughed so hard, that is too true!

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Posted by shimmermaid Aug 21, 2005

I've heard this before, but it was funny now too!

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Posted by pcoker5619 Aug 25, 2005

funny,but that's a old joke!!!!!!!

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Posted by kristi21 Aug 26, 2005

thats was cute!!

Comment score: 1  

Posted by SexyChic Aug 27, 2005

The father is so smart. LMAO!!! This is going into my favs.

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