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A panda walks into a bar and eats lunch. When he is finished he shoots the waiter and leaves.

The owner ran after the panda and asked him why he did such and thing. The panda replied, "Look up the word 'panda' in the dictionary."

The owner did so and it read, "Panadas are black and white animals. They eat shoots and leaves."

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Posted by kgirlca Feb 06, 2004


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Posted by fuzzie277 Feb 09, 2005

Yes, there is that misspelling, but this one is really funny. Got a big chuckle. Thank you.

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Posted by juggleboy502 Aug 03, 2005

it was cute!

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Posted by schatzy228 Jan 20, 2006

panada--yeh thats a canadian panda

Comment score: 3  

Posted by dulinski102 Feb 09, 2006


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Posted by cartwheelmac Feb 10, 2006

My brother told that one and I like it!!!

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Posted by shimmermaid Feb 13, 2006's funny, but considering this is the third time this joke's been posted on this site....

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