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A blonde was getting tired of all the blonde jokes, and being treated as if she were stupid so one day, she decided to dye her hair and become a brunette. She then went driving down a country road and came across a herd of sheep. She stopped and called the shepard over. "That's a nice flock of sheep." she said.

"Well thank you." said the herder.

"Tell you what, I have a proposition for you." said the ex-blonde.

"Okay," replied the herder.

"If I can guess the exact number of sheep in your flock, can I take one home?" asked the woman.

"Sure," said the sheep herder. So the girl sat up and looked at the herd for a second and then replied, "382."

"Wow," said the herder. "That is exactly right. Go ahead and pick out the sheep you want to take home."

So the woman went and picked one out and put it in her car. Upon watching this, the herder approached the woman and offered, "Okay, now I have a proposition for you."

"What is it?" asked the woman.

"If I can guess the real color of your hair, can I have my dog back?"

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Posted by boodler May 27, 2006

Not bad, but the title is BRILLYUNT!

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