"Under the Sea"

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A man comes from a foreign country and buys a T.V. to learn some English, he turns to the first channel and it says, "I did it, I did it I'm a big kid now." He turns to the next channel and it said, "Fork and knife, fork and knife." He turns to one of those little kid commercials and they were saying, "Under the Sea," while wave their hands around crazily. The next one was a Ziploc commercial, saying, "Ziploc bags, keeps things fresssshh." He turns to the final commercial he has on his T.V. and it says, "Plug it in! Plug it in!"

He buys a "stolen" car by accident which has a dead lady in the trunk, he drives for a while then finally the police pull him over. They open the car trunk and they ask the man, "Sir, how do you explain this?" The man replies, "I did it, I did it." The police officer responds by saying, "Well young man, what do you have to say for yourself?" He replies, "I'm a big kid now."

The police officer takes him to the police station where they start questioning him, "Sir, what did you kill the lady with?" He replies, "Fork and knife! fork and knife!" while hitting the table really loudly.

The police officer then asks him, "Where did you kill the lady?" He replies, "Under the Sea, Under the Sea." Moving his hands violently.

The officer ponders for a minute, "Why is the lady so well preserved?" He replies, "Ziploc bags, keeps things Freeeeessssshh."

The case goes to court and the man was found guilty, the judge decides to electrocute him as his penalty. As the man is seated in the chair, the judge gets a plug and asks the man, "Any last words before you die?" He replies, "Plug it in! Plug it in!" The man dies five minutes later.

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