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When my oldest child was about three years old, we took a trip to a local fast food restaurant. I wearing my new favorite article of clothing: a pair of bright pink, elastic waist pants that I'd bought the day before. Although they were a little big on me, I instantly fell I love with them and just had to buy them. So there we were in a popular restaurant with me in my pretty pink pants and my son clinging firmly to his mommy's leg while we looked for a place to sit. It seems that grace does not run in our family, because before we were able to sit down, my son tripped and fell, taking my new pants with him! I could hear the laughter simmering as I stood there bare bottomed, with my hands full and nowhere to set down my tray. Finally, a girl from behind the counter came to the rescue and took the tray out of my hands so that I could re-pants myself. The pink pants were donated to goodwill the next day with a note attached, reading: "Warning! Do not attempt to wear these in the presence of small children. To do so may cause great embarrassment!"

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Posted by Smarty_Pants321 Dec 07, 2011

Ha ha!!! This is really funny!!!

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