Dear Abby, What's in a Name?

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Dear Abby has received lots of letters about funny names. Here are just a few sent to her!

My father was born in Menomonie, Wis., and later taught there. He used to tell me about a law firm there called Ketchum and Cheatum. Also, he had a high school classmate named Iva Liver. - ANN, COLUMBUS, OHIO

Years ago, I interviewed an attorney who was supposed to handle an important matter for me. His name: Rex R. Case. (Needless to say, I did not hire him!) - LINDA, N.J.

I read the front section of the paper, where I encountered the following. It's titled, "Circumcision of African men can cut HIV risk by half." The physician quoted from the World Health Organization is Dr. Kevin De Cock. - BONNIE IN WABASH, IND.

For many years the Internal Revenue supervisor in Oklahoma City was "I.M. Filer." - ANONYMOUS IN OKLAHOMA

My sister lives in Williamsville, N.Y., where there is a funeral home that seems nothing out of the ordinary, except for the name: Amigone Funeral Home. - ALAINE IN JAMESTOWN, N.Y.

Here in Anchorage, Alaska, we have a dentist named Dr. Phil Wright. - VERN S., ANCHORAGE

My daughter's pediatrician is Dr. LeFevere, and my former priest's was Father O'Pray. - STEPHANIE IN BLOOMINGTON, MINN.

When I first moved here, I was looking for a new ob/gyn and came across a listing for a Dr. C. Hymen. - MEGAN IN STRATFORD, CONN.

A few years ago I needed minor surgery and went to the VA hospital in Palo Alto. The young female anesthetist was a novice named Mallet. Try as she might, she could not find a vein -- and when I took the "Mallet by the handle" and told her if she couldn't find a vein she should use a mallet, she didn't crack a smile. - EARL C., MANTECA, CALIF.

I once met a liquor salesman named Casey Sause. - PAMELA IN BATON ROUGE, LA.

I have diabetes and see a dietitian and a diabetes educator. Their last names are Short and Stout - NANCY IN NOBLESVILLE, IND.

Linda Toots taught flute at Tanglewood! - PEGGY B., CHICAGO

There's a nudist colony in northern New Jersey that is owned by a Dr. Lust. - ADRIAN IN PRINCETOWN, N.J.

Years ago, here in Fort Worth, Texas, we had a doctor named Dr. Rumph. His specialty? Proctology, of course! - HAD TO LAUGH IN FORT WORTH

All these stories were taken from Yahoo! News, 1/9/07

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