How Men Are Like Dogs

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How Men Are Like Dogs

* Both take up too much space on the bed

* Both have irrational fears about vacuuming

* Neither tells you what's bothering him

* Neither of them notices when you get your hair cut

* Neither understands what you see in cats

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Posted by boodler Nov 14, 2006

Nothing wrong with cats!

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Posted by smile4me Nov 15, 2006

Yeah. Yeah. Yah!!!!!!

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Posted by schatzy228 Dec 18, 2006

so whats the problem ?

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Posted by Potatosrmyfriend Mar 02, 2007

Also, they come when you call, they don't sit when you tell them too and they don't understand that girl doggies don't always want to have... finish it yourself. Keeping the comments rated G!

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