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One year at Thanksgiving, my mom went to my sister's house for the traditional feast. Knowing how gullible my sister is, my mom decided to play a trick. She told my sister that she needed something from the store. When my sister left, my mom took the turkey out of the oven, removed the stuffing, stuffed a Cornish hen,and inserted it into the
turkey, and re-stuffed the turkey. She then placed the bird(s) back in the oven.

When it was time for dinner, my sister pulled the turkey out of the oven and proceeded to remove the stuffing. When her serving spoon hit something, she reached in and pulled out the little bird.

With a look of total shock on her face, my mother exclaimed,
"Patricia, you've cooked a pregnant bird!" At the reality of this horrifying news, my sister started to cry.

It took the family two hours to convince her that turkeys lay eggs!

Yep.................SHE'S BLONDE!

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Posted by dragonlilly1 Oct 08, 2006

Good one>>>>>

Comment score: 4  

Posted by goosh Oct 08, 2006

awwww that is so mean!

Comment score: 6  

Posted by SweetTooth1479 Oct 14, 2006

that was mean......but o so funny!

Comment score: 4  

Posted by schatzy228 Oct 22, 2006


Comment score: 3  

Posted by coolhndsme Nov 06, 2006

very funny

Comment score: 4  

Posted by silly_goose Nov 06, 2006

WHAAAAT??? Turkeys DO lay eggs....they're a bird....

Comment score: 0  

Posted by cheer492 Nov 08, 2006

umm call me a blonde, but i dont get it!!

Comment score: -1  

Posted by Velasca Nov 12, 2006

it does say they lay eggs

Comment score: 0  

Posted by Ajii Feb 25, 2007

LOL. My sisters are blonde... they aren't that dumb. Though, it did take some time to convince them that they were not going to marry a cartoon character. They eventually figured it out.

Comment score: 1  

Posted by Joker159 May 08, 2012

Blonde indeed!

Comment score: -1  

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