An Example of Human Stupidity II

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The can was invented quite a while before the can opener.

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Posted by bibidybobidyboo Jul 24, 2006

not really stupidity........see before the invention of the can opener, a little thing called the ringpull was used to open cans.

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Posted by Celanba Jul 24, 2006

You're right, but some cans didn't have that. Some people actually resorted to shooting their cans open!

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Posted by bibidybobidyboo Jul 25, 2006

really? that seems a little hard to believe, that they made cans with food inside them yet with no way of opening them!!! well, you learn something new every day. good joke.

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Posted by dailybeans Jul 25, 2006

So, It's not really funny...

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Posted by Battery Jul 25, 2006

well it is in our opinion

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Posted by 5600113 Jul 28, 2006

good job

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