25 Ways to Have Fun at a Swimming Pool

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1. Stand on top of the high board and say you won't come down until your demands are met.

2. Tell the lifeguards that they aren't doing their jobs because you have seen at least 15 people drown today.

3. Ask people if they have seen your pet shark.

4. Sit in the baby pool and play with the toys.

5. Take a flutter board and pretend you can't swim.

6. Hit strangers with your flutter board.

7. Ask an attractive lifeguard to practise CPR on you.

8. Sit in front of a water jet, make moaning sounds and say, ''Oh yeah... oooh that feels soooo good....''

9. Sit on the top of the water slide and don't move.

10. Swim near a stranger and say, ''Dammit I knew I shouldn't have had watermelon before I came here.''

11. Insist that you saw a monster at the bottom of the pool.

12. Pretend to drown and then when someone tries to help you, say ''HA-HA, fooled you!''

13. Scream as someone is trying to do something when jumping off of a diving board.

14. Laugh at fat people in swimsuits.

15. Tell people you saw the lifeguard pissing in the pool.

16. Ask a lifeguard if skinny-dipping is allowed.

17. Try to negotiate the price of getting in.

18. Take a really long time when you are on top of the high dive and then act as though you were pushed off.

19. When in line, ask strangers if they think invisble people get a discount.

20. Take your towel, tie it around your shoulders and say ''Wheee! I'm Batman!'' while running around.

21. Hit strangers with your wet towel.

22. Throw people's things into the pool.

23. Sing and dance on top of the diving board, then do a belly-flop as your grande-finale.

24. Play Marco-Polo by yourself.

25. Ask small children if they have seen any suspicious-looking sea monsters lately.

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Posted by shaylor Aug 13, 2003

#10 was funny

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Posted by rose_rox Aug 18, 2003

heh once did #24.

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Posted by sarcastic_brat53 Aug 30, 2003

LOL I have done some of those already, I gotta try the rest of them!!! FUN FUN FUN!!!

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Posted by mosi12345 Jun 30, 2005

numba 8 was funny

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Posted by hamburger Jul 22, 2005

I did #20 when I was like 3 or 4 years old!

Comment score: 1  

Posted by AndYourPointIs Mar 10, 2006

uh i don't understand numba 10 but the rest sound pretty funny goood job

Comment score: 1  

Posted by brytoyia Apr 01, 2006

lolz numba 14 was supa funny

Comment score: 1  

Posted by teen_wiz Jun 02, 2006


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Posted by crazy2010 Jul 09, 2006

lol. wow. ive done 4, 6, 7, 9, 10, 14, 16, 17, 24, and 25!! when u negociate the price tell them ull give them a hug if they let u in 4 free. it works!!

Comment score: -1  

Posted by mth_lvr Sep 20, 2009

i think #12 is illegal.

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