There IS Such a Thing As a Stupid Question

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There once was a college professor who didn't buy into the whole "there's no such thing as a stupid question" philosophy. Every year when he had a new class he instructed the students to ask him as many stupid questions as they could think of on the first day. That way, he figured, there'd be a minimized amount of stupidity for the duration of the term.

The professor thought he'd heard every stupid question there was and didn't laugh no matter what his students asked him, not even a smirk. Then, finally, a student asked something that he'd never heard before. The question made him laugh so hard he couldn't stand up. A lanky, tomboyish girl raised her hand with a wry smile on her face, stood up and asked, "What is a question?"

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Posted by Eins Jun 08, 2006

Remember kids there are no stupid questions, just stupid people. lol

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Posted by rochard Jun 12, 2006

That's the best G-Rated joke I've heard in a really long time.

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Posted by Celanba Jun 19, 2006

Why would you say that, hubluza?

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Posted by girliepie Jun 22, 2006

Why do you always say "me is" Hubluza? It makes you look like a moron!

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Posted by Math_freak Jul 06, 2006

That was funny, hilarious, and just plain funny.

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Posted by coolhndsme Jul 10, 2006


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Posted by yojoe Jul 14, 2006

its about time we got back on subject. I loved it!!!!!

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Posted by RustyDQ Jul 27, 2007

I'm pretty sure that girl was in my psych class!

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