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One day my cousin says, "Oh, I love your hair. Show me how you do it!"

"OK," I reply.

"OK?" my cousin says; "you're not supposed to say OK! You're supposed to have a temper tantrum and scream, 'No! It's MY secret and I'm not going to tell you!' OK?"

"You're just being stupid as usual. Leave me alone."

Little cousins. *SHISH!*

A few weeks later she comes up to me and says, "I like your make-up. Can you show me how to do make-up?"

"You're too young," I reply.

Now she's got the hissy fit going on (AGAIN).

"I am NOT TOO YOUNG! Show me how to do make-up or I'll bite myself than tell Mama you did it like all those other times I said you bit me!" She yells.

I turn around and say, "Too LATE!"

"HUH?!" she says.

She turns around and gets the beat down of her life from her mother. I never saw her until two years later and she still was covered in two-year-old bruises.

The first time I saw her again, I asked her if she still wanted me to show her how to do my hairstyles that she loved and give her make up tips, just to taunt her. Well, you know what happened next. (She's only two years younger than me.)

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Posted by beecool Apr 08, 2006

Umm....what happened next? I don't get it.

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Posted by coolhndsme Apr 09, 2006


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Posted by Battery May 23, 2006

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Posted by jokester13 Jul 08, 2006

I don't get it either. what happened next?

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Posted by ntsoaky Nov 16, 2006


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