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Who's there?
Kook who?
Hey, who you calling cukoo mister?

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Posted by oksana Apr 01, 2006

can someone please commit my joke even if its bad og good!

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Posted by oksana Apr 01, 2006


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Posted by orange_syrup Apr 04, 2006

yeah and yours are absolutely hilarious that was serious sarcasm if you didnt pick up on that

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Posted by oksana Apr 04, 2006

i'd like to see you think of a joke orange_syrup and thats sarcasm or wait it wasn't haha

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Posted by checkers467 Apr 04, 2007

Orange_syrup was insulting strogg_man, not you.

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Posted by Battery Apr 04, 2007

hehe, its funny because 'kook who?' sounds awfully like 'cuckoo' hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha seriously though it was funny and you should win the nobel prize hurrah.

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Posted by oksana Apr 05, 2007

Thanks Battery!

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