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A man was enjoying a pleasant afternoon of golf.

On the 15th hole, he drove his ball to the right of the fairway into a patch of buttercups. As he neared the ball, he heard a small voice say, "Please sir, don't hurt my buttercups!."

He looked around, but there was no one nearby. So he starts towards his ball again and hears, "Please sir, don't hurt my buttercups!"

Well, the man is a little disturbed by this, so he decides to leave that ball and play another, even though this will cost him a stroke. After he makes his play, an elf appears!

"Thank you, sir, for not hurting my buttercups. As a reward, I will give you all the butter you could ever want."

"Well, that's great," replied the man, "but where were you when I was in the pussy willows?!"

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Posted by imlaughin Dec 11, 2005

i dont get it...

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Posted by boodler May 09, 2006

Maybe you should be called Imnotlaughinnow!

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