Weed Whacker

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One day there is a well-educated man sitting in a redneck bar reading a book. A Redneck happens to wander over to him and asks, "Whatcha there reading Mister?"

The educated man replies, "It's a book about logic".

Confused, the redneck replies "Logic? What's logic?"

The educated man explains to the man, "Logic is the ability to come to a conclusion knowing only one fact. For example, do you own a weed whacker?"

The Redneck shouts, "Hell yeah I own a weed whacker!"

So the educated man continues, "Well, if you have a weed whacker, and I know you have a weed whacker, I know you have a lawn. If I know you have a lawn I know you have a house. If you have a house, demographically speaking I can deduce that you are a white male, 35-50 yrs old, and a heterosexual. Therefore, by knowing that you have a weed whacker I know that you are straight. Am I correct?"

The redneck responds flabbergasted "Hell yeah you're right! I'll be damned". So the redneck runs back to his friends to tell them about this crazy logic thing. His friend asks "Logic, what's logic?"

The redneck says, "Here, I'll show ya... Do you own a weed whacker?"

The friend replies "No, I don't"

The redneck screams, "FAGGOT!!!"

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Posted by orange_syrup Aug 29, 2005

thats good stuff

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Posted by kelsey777 Sep 17, 2005

I laughed so hard on that one!

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Posted by monkey_D_Luffy Dec 03, 2005


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Posted by taran083 Feb 21, 2006

hell ya this was funny, I rarely laugh out loud longer than a "heh" to jokes. you got 4

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Posted by gilmoregirlsfan Feb 26, 2006


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Posted by breakagex Jun 29, 2007

I haven't laughed so hard to a joke in a while. Great job!

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