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2 women were playing golf. On the third hole there were 4 men in front of them but about 175 yards down the fairway. The first woman said, "I'll tee off, he is far enough away." She hit the drive of her life, like a shot straight down the farway. She screamed fore at the top of her lungs and as the men turned he was hit solidly. He was rolling on the ground in pain with his hands between his legs.

She ran to him, apologizing and saying, "Let me help I am a physical therapist." He protested but she got him to put his hands at his side. She unzipped his pants and began massaging him.

"How does that feel?" she asked. He said, "Great, but my thumb still hurts like hell."

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Posted by dsquared Apr 22, 2003

Hahahahahaha, I laughed the first time I heard this and I laughed again just now... this is truly hilarious Dat.

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Posted by Himynameis-myob May 30, 2003

that was the best joke

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