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A brunette was walking down the middle of the street, saying "34...34...34" over and over again. A blonde stopped her and asked why she was doing that.

"Oh, it's great fun," replied the brunette. "You should try it".

So the blonde walked down the street repeating "34...34...34..." when all of a sudden a car sped by and ran her over.

The brunette then started walking down the road again, saying "35...35...35..."

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Posted by Monique114 Aug 11, 2003

Good joke! : ) The version I had heard was on a train track instead of on the road.

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Posted by kgirlca Feb 07, 2004

....so..she's counting the number of blondes she killed?

Comment score: 1  

Posted by bigdog0316 Jan 11, 2005

that would be my guess previous commentator

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Posted by dragracergirl18 Oct 04, 2005

i actually got it for once funny!

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Posted by Fluffy5851 Oct 06, 2005

THATS MEAN!!! I'm a blonde and im not that stupid....well at frist i didnt get the joke...Also im only part blonde

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Posted by LVninja May 02, 2007

ThaTs FunnY

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