A Will

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What's the definition of a will?

(It's a dead giveaway).

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Posted by kgirlca Feb 10, 2004

that's so good! i have never been able to think up something funny like you!

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Posted by honey_11 Mar 10, 2006

lol...now worries neither would i! but hey thats a funny joke...at first i was like...what? but i got it after a few seconds

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Posted by honey_11 Mar 10, 2006

no worries***

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Posted by 2sandwoman Mar 10, 2006

took a second, but once it registered it was LOL!

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Posted by shimmermaid Mar 13, 2006

*grin* ...

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Posted by undercover_joker May 04, 2006

i think my brain melted, i dont get it.

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