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A young West Virginian girl wanted to go to college at UVA. But her father said "No way! You're going to By-God West Virginia Univ."

Well, she got her way and she went to UVA. The first semester went by, and she wrote home that she was getting married, to a man from Richmond, VA named Clarence. Her father said "I'll be damned if my daughter is marrying a man from Richmond, you're marrying a By-God West Virginian boy," so he sent his two sons to UVA to get their sister.

In a couple of days they returned. The confused father asked "Where is your sister?"
They replied "We were almost there Dad, but we got to this overpass with a sign that said 'Clarence 13'6'' so we turned around and drove the hell out of there!"

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Posted by ashleyrena143 Jun 18, 2005

I'm sorry but i don't get it

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Posted by Texasrose00 Jun 20, 2005

NICE! i was born in west virginia and i if anybody know thats xactly wat a hillbillie from "west-by-god-virginia" would do

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