Rude Alf

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A couple was driving down the street and they hear a siren going off. They pull over to the side and wait for the cop to come over. The cop comes up and they see that it's Officer Alf.

The man groans cause Alf is the rudest cop in town. Alf asks the man for his license and registration. The man gives it to him and Alf rudely rips it out of his hands and tells the man to wait. When he comes back he sneezes and his face turns red. The man says bless you and asks why his face is so red. Alf replies, "I get this way when it's about to rain. Anyway, here is your ticket for speeding." He walks away gruffly.

The man looks up to see nothing but a clear blue sky. He starts driving again; a few minutes later it starts to pour down. He arrives home grumbling.

His wife turns to him and says, "I guess rude Alf the red knows rain dear."

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