The Old Lady's Bet

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An old lady walks into a bank and says, "I would like to set up an account."

The man at the desk says, "Okay, how much would you like to deposit?"

The woman replies, "$5,000."

"Wow!" says the man, "where did you get all of that?"

"I like to make bets."

"What type of bets?"

The woman replied, "Tomorrow when, I will come in, you will have a butterfly tattoo an your left buttock. I will bet all the money I am about to deposit."

"Deal," says the man.

The next day the old woman walked in again with her lawyer. the man at the counter pulled down his pants to show the old woman his empty left buttock.

"I win!" he said as the woman handed him his money.

Behind her, the lawyer put his head in his hands. "What's wrong with that guy?" he asked.

The old woman replied, "He is just a sore loser. I bet him $10,000 that the man at the counter of this bank would moon us."

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