The Blond and the Lawyer

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Sitting next to each other on a plane are a blond woman and a lawyer. To make the plane ride a bit more interesting, the lawyer suggests that he and the blond play a game. "We each take turns asking a question, and if you answer wrong you must give me $5 and if I answer wrong I give you $5."

The blond woman says nothing. "Okay," says the man, "if I answer wrong, I have to give you $50, but if you answer wrong you only have to give me $5."

"Alright," says the blond, "you go first."

The man asks her "what is the distance from Earth to the nearest star?" the woman says nothing and hands $5 to the man.

"What has five legs, is covered in pink and purple spots, and lives on a hill?"

The lawyer, never having heard this riddle, gave the woman $50. "Wait," he said, "what is the answer to that question?"

Without saying a word, the woman hands him $5.

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Posted by ambervenom Aug 09, 2012

not too bad

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