Just-in Bieber

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illy Ray Cyrus: Hey Miley, When did you record that song ?
Miley Cyrus : That's Justin Bieber song .

Justin Bieber is borrowing cloths from Lady Gaga for her next video .

Q: Why Justin Biebers use elevator most of the time ?
A: To reach puberty as soon as possible.

Your momma is so stupid that she think Justin Bieber is a Guy .

Your mother is so stupid that she think Justin Bieber can sing.

Kim Kardasian : I think i got " Bieber Fever"
Doctor : No it is "Herpes".

Justin staring at Gibson Guitar , " What is this thing , it has 6 strings. My guitar at home has 5 buttons .

What does Justin Bieber and the crowd at Time Square for new years have in common? They're both waiting for balls to drop!

Q:: Why did Justin Bieber Crossed the road ?
A:: To reach the puberty .

Justin Biebers not gay, just ask his boyfriend!

Selena Gomez will Never get a boy-friend,
Next day news: "Selena and Justin in Relation"
Told you, she turned lesbian .

There were three guys the 1st guy says, "I must have the smallest head in the world". The 2nd guy says, "I must have the smallest arms in the world". The Third says, "I must have the smallest penis in the world". Then they go to the Guinness World Records and the 1st guy says, "I do have the smallest head in the world". The 2nd guy says "I do have the smallest arm in the world" The Third barges in mad and says, "who the fuck is this Justin Bieber!".

Real Name of JB is DustBin Bieber.

Who is Gay ?
Justin Bieber : "That should be me"

Justin Bieber is sad that his record for most disliked youtube video is broken by Rebecca Black

This news is epic , 27years old Justin Bieber look alike women.

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