Shake it Granny

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One day little Susie, who is a blond(since this is in the 'blond' category), was at her grandma's house. She had been there for about two days and today grandma isn't feeling very well. The grandma is in bed, coughing and it isn't getting any better. The Grandma tells little Susie to go to the pharmacist and get some syrup for her cough.

So little Susie goes to the local pharmacy and she buys the syrup. The clerk tells her to remember to 'SHAKE WELL BEFORE USE'.

Susie goes back to the house and moments later, the ambulance has arrived and the doctors are trying their best to save poor granny.

When they questioned Susie about what happened, she says "Well, the clerk at the pharmacy and the instructions on the bottle said 'SHAKE WELL BEFORE USE'". One doctor said "So?". "Well I shook granny very well and gave her the medicine. Do you think this happened cause I didn't shake her well?" replies Susie who is now in tears.

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Posted by evil996 Oct 06, 2009

sorry for the grammar mistakes. i was in a hurry to submit this joke.

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Posted by evil996 Oct 07, 2009

plz dont rate this low just bcoz of the mistakes plzzzzzzzzzzz.

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