"Get Outta Town!!!!!!!!!!!"

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A blonde named Megan decides to go out for a ride in her new convertible. While she's out driving she sees her best friend Christina, another blonde. She has a sign that reads "Vegas or Bust." "Why are you leaving?" asked Megan. "Some guy came up to me and told me to get out of town." "Come with me. We'll go find the guy that said this and find out what's up." Christina got in the car and they drove until Christina said she saw the guy who told her to leave town.
As they approached him, he looked at Christina and said, "I remember you." She cowered behind Megan. "You forgot your flier." He handed her a flier that read "Get Outta Town! To Sunny Beach Resorts California!"

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Posted by Alexeagle Jan 23, 2008

Dumb blonde

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Posted by ouchy1 Mar 13, 2008

This is from spongebob lol

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Posted by carissker9 Mar 14, 2008

i thought it was familiar, my little brother watches it all the time

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Posted by sbk1993 Mar 19, 2008


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Posted by thedoublew Jul 10, 2008

this was from spongebob, and i can tell the retard voting a -1 fro all the spongebob comments can suck on this http://www.tv.com/spongebob-squarepants/thats-no-lady/episode/875671/recap.html

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Posted by swoosh3_star Nov 03, 2008

Hey you guys. I know it's from Spongebob but I was mad at a "friend" that gets on this sit so I put her name in. I know that's kinda low, but she did something really bad. I hated her.

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