Frog Legs

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A blond man, Mark, was going to France over the summer. So he asked the advice of his friend, who had been to Paris last year.

"Oh!" his friend said, "The food in France is fabulous! Be sure to ask about their frog legs."

"FROG legs? Really?" Mark couldn't believe it.

"Yeah. It seems strange, doesn't it?"

Mark agreed to ask.

A month later, Mark flew to France. He had a wonderful time seeing the sights, and forgot all about his friend's advice until his very last night, right before dinner. He was already seated at a table, and soon a waiter walked up to him to take his order.

"Well..." Mark pondered, "I'm not sure what I want." He decided to ask, then and there. "Say- do you have frog legs?"

"But of course!" replied the waiter, proud of the quality of his restaurant.

Mark turned a shade of white. It was true!

"Are you okay, sir?"

"I'm... fine," Mark said, recovering well, "Hop on over and bring me a sandwich!"

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Posted by FerretGirl Jun 21, 2007

Before anyone asks- frog legs are considered a delicacy in France. However, Mark, being blond, thought that the people in France actually HAD frog legs!

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Posted by FerretGirl Jun 22, 2007

Why is this rated PG? It's about a simple mistake a man makes- there's no swearing or mature stuff. Would it still be rated PG if it was about webbed toes, and not frog legs?

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Posted by Joke_Master Oct 28, 2007

haha... gross

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