Magic Wine Glass

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A blonde was walking down the road when she saw a beautiful looking lamp, so she picked it up. She rubbed it and a magic genie came out. "You may have any three objects in the world, oh mighty mistress," said the genie. The blonde replied, "I wish I had an endless glass of wine."

Suddenly a big, crystal glass filled with wine appeared in the blonde's hand. She drank it and to her surprise, it filled up again! "Wow! This wine is really nice, and it can't run out!" the blonde said. "In fact, it's so good, I'll have another two of these, please, genie!"

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Posted by lolgirl Dec 18, 2007

HILARIOUS! LUV IT! stupid blonde. gosh.... :] :O :} this is my face laughing....he he

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Posted by lolgirl Dec 18, 2007

the emoticons didn't turn out right. o well it looks better in type.

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Posted by Alexeagle Jan 19, 2008


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