Nascar For Dummies Book

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Chapters In The "Nascar For Dummies" Book: How To Read

It's Impossible to Own Too Much Dale Earnhardt Memorabilia

Jumpin', Hollerin' & Other Ways to Make Sure Your Favorite Driver Sees You When He Goes By at 230 Miles An Hour

Roll Down Yer Winder First, *Then* Spit

So You Wanna Be A Crew Chief? Remember - Righty-Tighty, Lefty-Loosy

Better Places to Put the Grill Than Next to the Winnebago's Propane Tank

Brakes Are For Sissies

Advanced Technical Terms - "Yeeeehaww!" "Whoooodoggie!" and "Golldurn!"

How To Say "Dick Trickle" Without Snickering

Quick Prayers for Those Upside-Down Moments

How to Drive in a Circle 500 Times Without Getting Dizzy

Them Cars Are Fast - And LOUD!

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Posted by scouttrooper Apr 17, 2007

I imagined someone reading this with a Southern accent. ;D

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