Blonde Vs. Red Head

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How can you tell the difference between a blonde and a red head?

Hair color.

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Posted by thekewlestkid Feb 07, 2007

not funny :|

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Posted by cheese123 Feb 08, 2007


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Posted by hubluza Feb 16, 2007

good one

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Posted by Battery Feb 27, 2007

i thought it was funny

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Posted by Potatosrmyfriend Feb 27, 2007

It had an unexpected twist.

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Posted by wickedfangravity Mar 05, 2007

okay i am a redhead and i have to say.... i totally agree;0

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Posted by FerretGirl Jun 21, 2007

Yeah, this 'joke' does have a twist... but it's more ovibous than funny.

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Posted by Joke_Master Oct 28, 2007

hmmm... a bit too obvious to be funny

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Posted by Jokester Feb 26, 2008


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