Wedding Ceremony

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A couple are getting married in a big fancy church with all of the relatives and friends in attendance.
The priest is going through the nomal procedure and when he comes to the part "If anyone objects to the union of these two people in Holy Matrimony let them speak now or for ever hold their peace".
A redneck in the back row jumps up and hollers "I object, I am in love with her and she's carrying my baby!"
As the gathering gasps in surprise the redneck runs up the aisle, shoves the groom aside and rips off the brides veil.
After a moment of silence the redneck exclaims, "Hey you ain't my sister!"

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Posted by Sierramiss Nov 30, 2006

that is not right!! hella funny though

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Posted by ntsoaky Dec 01, 2006

That's nasty! N funny 4 sure.

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Posted by schatzy228 Dec 01, 2006

Ihope it wasn't his brother!

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Posted by RustyDQ Dec 01, 2006

Good 'un!

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Posted by Alexeagle Apr 30, 2007

That's wrong but it sure is funny!

Comment score: 2  

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