You Know Your a Redneck If.. on Marriage

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You know your a redneck if...

You tell your kids the facts of life and they interrupt you with corrections.

You've ever given your date flowers from a cemetery.

You proposed at Denny's.

The biggest compliment you got at your wedding was how cute your baby was.

You had a marriage license before you had a drivers license.

You've ever reused wedding invitations.

The last thing your ex-wife ever said to you was "It's me or them dogs."

If your wedding invitations ever said "same time same place."

At your wedding reception you put Alka-Seltzer in cheap wine to get "Champagne."

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Posted by schatzy228 Mar 21, 2006

Finally some new ones! And pretty good ones too.

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Posted by Anjhelprayer Jul 24, 2006

My sides are splitting

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