Black Oral Sex

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WARNING: Racial insult to a black person.

Why could a black person never get oral sex?

Because the black person would taste like horribly burned food.

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Posted by ass_hole Feb 28, 2006


Comment score: 92  

Posted by myaccount Feb 28, 2006

racist but still kinda funny though. im half black. my mother is white. and my father black.

Comment score: 93  

Posted by kebron Feb 28, 2006

This joke is in the INSULT category therefore it will insult someone. If you can't read these jokes and not be offended then don't read them stay away from the INSULT section.

Comment score: 95  

Posted by person Mar 01, 2006

wow!! what a great great one! it's the best, man! YAY YAY YAY YAY YAY YAY and yes, kebron WELL SAID!!

Comment score: 93  

Posted by fauck Mar 10, 2006

what does this mean?

Comment score: -1  

Posted by coldfire Mar 13, 2006

that was a deep insult still funny though..

Comment score: 93  

Posted by timmycool May 22, 2006

you can guess my name.......... any way nice joke, even though its a bit racist.

Comment score: 92  

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